Gene and Beverly King


Our true union and love of pottery goes back to our early childhood. Gene's family

was instrumental in the early stages of the NC Pottery Center and Museum.


Their first Pottery business began with a partnership with Beverly's own sister,

Melanie Dennison,  and the opening of Village Pottery in 1995. In 1999, the old

 Seagrove Fire Station, which was built by Gene's grandfather,  A.L. Ashburn Jr.,

in the 1950's,  became available for individual purchase. Seagrove Pottery

Gallery opened with a handful of local potters and artists.     


Gene has a love for arts in every direction, and the acknowledgement

of the gift of art in itself. He sees the thought, effort,

and devotional time, involved in each and every piece.



Trey King


As we have grown our business into over 70 potters and artists in

the last decade, we have grown the appreciation of the art throughout

the area. After much encouragement from the public, in 2013 we chose to

open the new store in Raleigh, NC, in Crabtree Valley Mall's

old post office building on Glenwood Avenue.


Our son Trey, who has a true appreciation for the arts himself, works

with our artistic designs and approach. Trey works first hand

with our operations in the Crabtree Valley Mall, in Raleigh NC.



 We have a great team of people who are working for the company. Ryan Terry, who works at our Raleigh location, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Karen Spencer has

worked with us for over 4 years in the Seagrove location.  She brings a

wealth of knowledge about the area and pottery.